Tranquility Nectar 30ml

Tranquility Nectar 30ml



  • Using clean and dry hands place one drop in palm of the hand.
  • Rub palms together to spread nectar evenly between palms and fingers.
  • Breathe in the natural fragrance.
  • Massage onto face and neck after cleansing.
  • Use fingers to apply nectar around eyes.
  • When applied to a moist skin the product penetrates quickly leaving your skin soft and silky whilst locking in the moisture.
Fontis Skinfood Nectars are available in three different formulations to address three skin types: Normal, Oily, Dry (& Combination)

FREE from parabens, artificial ingredients and petrochemicals.

Our products are tested on family & friends, not animals.

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The stories behind the exotic and luxurious African Seed Oils found in various formulations:
Kalahari Melon Seed Oil:
Found in the depths of South African desert, Kalahari Melon seed oil is highly nutritious, light and is great for troubled skin. It helps to dissolve excess sebum in pores plus repairs cell damage. Just in case you wanted to know, experts agree that this fruit, first harvested 5000 years ago, can save your life as you can live off the fruit alone for six weeks. 
Marula Seed Oil:
Prized for centuries by Africa women for its remarkable skin properties, this oil is dubbed a miracle oil and one of Africa’s treasures. It belongs to the same family as the mango tree. The other name it is known by is the elephant tree as these huge four-footed animals love the fruit.
Great moisturiser as it helps the skin to hold its moisture in the deeper layers whilst nourishing cell walls. This silky oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin C and E. Being rich in minerals, including iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper.
Baobab Oil:

The Baobab tree is indigenous to Southern and Eastern Africa (amongst others). This huge tree can live up to 3000 years (and more) and is known as the Tree of Life. It can hold up to 4 500 litres of water in its trunk. Basically it acts like a giant succulent since the trunk consists of 80% water. When the riverbeds are dry and rain is scarce the San Bushmen used to turn to the Baobab Tree as a valuable source of water.   One hollow tree found in Zimbabwe is so big that 40 people can fit into its trunk. 

Baobab Oil enriching oil nourishes and improves skin elasticity and soothes skin. Baobab oil contains moisturising vitamins A, D, E and F, which help to rejuvenate damaged skin cells.

High-Performance Botanical Actives Includes:

Vitamin C

Boosts skin collagen production for firmer skin.

Vitamin A

It assists your skin with increasing elastin and it promotes collagen formation.

Chamomile Oil

It is used in skincare for its inflammation cooling, skin-soothing and ability to combat signs of ageing.

Other Ingredient/s


This product contains Frankincense Oil. Please consult your doctor first if you are are using blood-thinning medication.
When pregnant consult your doctor as this product contains essential oils.
Weight 0.119 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 117 mm
Skin Type

Dry & Combination, Normal, Oily

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